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We have worked with personal development, groups, and businesses since 1995. With small businesses, hospitals, municipalities and some of the largest companies in different industries. We complement this experience with a long history of working with different team sports. Our services are the sum of hard work within interdisciplinary fields during many years.

One example of indepth interdisciplinary work is our book Prillan och bollen (Tobacco and sports culture), a book about long lasting habit change.

From experience, we know that our customers have busy days in a complex world. We find it our job to create and develop, simplify and clarify.

We help you set new goals and reach them.

Our services can be chosen as a single lecture or a full program. You can join an open course or have it fully customized. We also offer many of our services in classroom, online and/or as e-learning. We assist and help you develop an inhouse education and/or a communication program when you need it. Please contact us when you want more information.

Link to our e-learning programs and courses: learningwithbeit.thinkific.com

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Asking & Listening

Building Trust


Change Management & Communication

Clear Communication

Coaching & Tutorial

Competence of Frames & Efficiency


Conflict Management

Creativity & Innovation 

Effective Meetings

Follow up & Improve

Group Composition

Health at Work (Self Leadership)

High Performing Teams

Leader as a Educator

Learning Organisations

Motivation & Goals


Perception & Survey (Observation)

Personal Development (Habit change)

Process Development

Project Management


Reflection & Learning

Rhetoric & Influence

Self Control for Relation & Performance

Self-awareness & Communication

Self-confidence & Self-esteem

Situational Leadership

Specific Feedback


Successful Factors 

Talent Management 

Treatment & Communication

Values & Ideal behaviours